Music of the Mind


How To Develop A Good Ear: Part II

First of all, thanks to those who read Part 1 of How To Develop A Good Ear. Secondly, no, this won’t turn into a Rocky series leading to Part 20 or anything ridiculous like that. (Although I’d probably still watch

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Self Expression: Playing With Feeling

There has been a long-standing debate on whether a so-called “shredder” is just showing off, or actually expressing something of him/herself. Personally, I love fast and flashy playing and I believe it to be as legitimate a form of self-expression

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A Lesson On Accuracy

This lesson is designed to help you in various areas of your guitar playing: Develop the synchronization of both your hands. Focus on picking hand, accuracy, and technique through the use of different rhythmic groupings, such as triplets and sixteenth

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